Top 10 Blogging Adsense Earner In India In 2016

Blogging initially started as a hobby has now changed to a handsome way of earning money, at least for those who has given enough time and energy for years. Most of the top blogger earn money using Google Adsense. Many Indian bloggers are also in the list of rich bloggers. Here I’m posting updated list of Top 10 Indian blogger Adsense earner.

1. Amit Agarwal-



monthly page views- 5 millions

page rank- 6/10

alexa rank- 4313

total sites linked- 6713

earning- $ 150000/ month

2. Pankaj Agarwal

pankjaj agarwal.jpg


Alexa rank- 6152

total site linked- 1321

page rank- 5/10

earning ~ $ 58000/month

3. Amit Bhawani

amit bhawani


page rank- 4/10

websites linked- 788

average page views daily- 95000

earning- $ 26000 /month

4. Harash Agarwal

harsh agarwal


alexa rank- 1891

total site linked- 2960

daily average visitors- 53000

earning- $ 18500/ month

5. Arun Prabhudesai

arun prabhu desai


page rank- 5/10

daily average visitors- 78700

Alexa rank- 10393

earning- $ 18000/month

6. Jaspal Singh

jaspal singh


page rank- 4/10

websites linked- 1213

average daily visitors- 46000

alexa rank- 54988

earning- $ 16000/ month

7. Raju PP



alexa rank- 21990

daily unique visitore- 36800

earning- $ 14000/ month

8. Rohit Langde



page rank- 4/10

alexa rank- 183219

total site linked- 496

earning- $ 10000/ month

9. Honey Singh

honey singh


page rank- 4/10

alexa rank- 462404

earning- $ 9000/ month

10. Nirmal Balachandran



alexa rank- 84727

earning- $ 8000/month

Hope it is enough to inspire you. You ( or even me) can be in the list soon if we move in right direction.

I just shared their Adsense income which I got on their blog and on different other sources, total income may be different as they also earn using other options like banners, affiliate programs, multiple websites, social media marketing etc.

If you any other bloggers from India who could join this list let me know in comments.

Happy Blogging!



10 Facts About Twitter

Launched on March 21, 2006, this 140 character limit service has become a revolution in human history. It has become a best tool of interacting human being on earth and (outer space in near future) living in different parts of planet earth.

  1. When twitter begun everybody first tweet was automated, as-

    “Just setting up my twttr.”

  2. First ever tweet was sent by co-founder Dorsey on March 21, 2006, at 4:50 p.m. PT. You can find your first tweet at
  3. Katy Perry is most followed person on twitter with 70.3 Million followers.
  4. The person with most followings is @ArabicBest with 2.4 Million followings.
  5. Record of most tweet is with a girl named @Yougakduan_00 who tweeted record 36,402,262 tweets before her account was suspended.
  6. Most retweeted tweet was a Oscar Selfie posted by Ellen during the Academy Awards in March 2014. It was retweeted 3342269 times.
  7. The fail whale was created by Yiying Lu.
  8. Today, now there are more than 500 million tweets posted every day.
  9. Facebook tried twitter twice, but the reply was a big no.
  10. One can’t access Twitter in China.

This was a short list of some important/unique list of twitter facts. More will be up soon.

Happy Tweeting!

Top 5 Most Populer Search Engines

Search engines are soul of internet and a valuable source of traffic of anything available on internet. Below we gonna discus top 5 most popular search engines. You all know about Google, Yahoo, Bing etc and there are many more. See below!

  1. Google– Yes no doubt is the king when it comes to top search engines. It is a search engine in almost 70% of all search queries. And 45% ahead to nearest Bing! Alexa rank-1!
  2. Bing– It is a microsoft backed counterpart of Google. It consists of around 25% of all searches. Alexa rank- 26!
  3. Yahoo!– it is on number 3rd position. This most popular email service is now powered by Bing!
  4.– This question-answer/Poll based service is number fourth. It has a traffic share of around 3%. Alexa rank- 31!
  5. AOL– This old time very famous search engine is still in top 10. It has market share of less than 1%. Alexa rank- 161!

This is just a basic update on the top 5 most popular serch engines. It may not be a complete or accurate list as web statics are ever changing!

Twitter Basics


  • Write a good bio, use 160 words limits. Include catchy words, use #Hashtags.
  • Post a profile picture, People don’t really love following eggs.
  • Be regular, keep your followers engaged.
  • Post wide variety of posts.
  • Create your own background image.
  • Take advantage of 100’s of third party Apps.
  • Engage Followers.
  • Be choosy while following people.
  • Re-tweet interesting posts
  • Write all your tweets informative, useful, or funny.
  • Try to post tweets when most of your followers are likely to see it
  • Use #hashtag and @mention when ever needed.
  • Try to reply most of your mentions, people love to be heard.


  • Follow too many people
  • Be arrogant
  • Think everyone read/reply your tweet
  • Be spam/bot
  • Post mundane post eg. going to office!
  • Abuse.
  • Use aggressive language.
  • Forget to follow my twitter

Happy Tweeting, Stay Tuned!

7 Twitter Limits We All Must KNow

We all love twitter but for different reasons, some are here to follow their favorite movie/music/game etc celebrity others for news/politics. Some other are interested in their favorite topic live conversation and few more are to follow humor/comedy accounts. This 140 character service has evolved a lot after it launched in 10 years back. But this good twitter also has some restrictions, here we gonna discus few of them. Here we go…

  • Number Of Users You Can Follow – Every new account can follow up to 2000 in one go, after that to reach 2001 mark your number of followers should be 1820 or more. Twitter allow you to follow 10% more when you cross this 1820 mark! A person having 5000 followers can follow 5500 accounts.
  • Number Of Followings Per Day – One can follow 1000 twitter users per day. This is a technical limit set by twitter but if you do bulk follow than it is considered as spam and your account my get blocked/suspended by twitter. I won’t suggest you bulk followings.
  • Number of Unfollowings Per Day – There is no specific limit set for unfollowing per day. But here again bulk unfollowing is considered Spam! And you might face a blog/suspension of account. 
  • Number Of Tweets Per Day – Twitter has set a upper limit for number of tweets per day as 1000. And you hardly touch this limit unless you are a spammer!
  • Number Of Direct Messages Per Day – 250! Yes any twitter account can send 250 direct messages to their followers. Many twitter accounts use this service as a big tool for twitter marketing.
  • Number Of Character In One Tweet – One can post a tweet of 140 characters. Many people use abbreviation or other services which make a long tweet short one.
  • Number Or Character In Twitter Bio – One can write a bio of 160 characters. So be choosy when you write bio as it has got a big impression on twitter users. Many will decide from your bio whether to follow you or not.

These are few twitter limits I wrote above. Hope this will help you, especially for newbies. 

Happy Tweeting!!

10 Ways To Avoid Online Scams

No one wants to get caught by online scammers but also online scamming is common in online world for years and will not be easy to erase it away. What one can do is being up-to-date on how not to fall for online scams! Here we gonna discus 10 most needed ways to avoid online scams.

  1. Stay Up-To-Date – Online scammers are very high-tech people and trying new techniques to steal your personal information every new day. One must have a basic knowledge of how this system works. You must be aware of Do’s and Don’ts while browsing online. A little bit of recent knowledge can save your time, money and peace!
  2. Anti-Virus- Anti-Virus is bodyguard of your PC, and keep it protected from almost all kind of known- unknown threats while you browse online. Basic version is free to get and it has limited protection. Paid version comes with added features and so thus is more suitable. But always remember to update it regular interval as virus database is changing every millisecond or earlier.
  3. Firewalls – Firewalls act as a buffer between you, your PC and network. It is of two types                                                                                                                           Desktop type– It is a software and is between your and your PC.                          Network type– It is a hardware and is between your PC and network.                                  It is a good tool to stay protected online so don’t off your firewall.
  4. Password- Your passwords are like zipper of your online activities once your password is in wrong hands and your online activities are open. Always use strong password and never ever share it with anybody yes! ANYBODY.
  5. Attachments- Phishing through attachment is a huge tool for online scammers. They send some infected attachment via email or IM and when you open it all your information is in hackers hand. Stay away opening attachments send by stranger and if it needs to be opened in any case then scan it  with anti-virus before performing such act.
  6. Avoid Public Computers- This type of phishing was very common in the ear of cyber cafe boom! Now most of the internet users got their own PCs. When you use public computer all your information is stored in temporary files and anybody can see it. So avoid using public computer especially in case of bank and credit card related activities.
  7. Trap Of Something Free- Always remember nothing worthy comes easy or free in this world. Not even a free download, they are also mode of transferring malwares! So whenever someone offers you something free !! Just ask yourself Why?
  8. Updated Software- None of available software can claim to be free of any security hole. Thus there are updates at regular interval including all the browsers. So keep your software up-to-date.
  9. Stay Away From Pop-Ups- Pop-up windows are mostly designed to get you to some other website and at times it can also be some phishing attempt. So when you see any pop-ups while browsing just press that (X) button on top right. You can also use Pop-Ups Block feature offered by most of the browsers.
  10. Bank and Credit Cards- Always double check you Bank URL as there might be phishing attempts by creating similar URLs. Bookmarking your bank URL, and never try to sign-in using some other URL or hyperlink. Never use your credit card detail to sign-in purpose no matter how hardly they claim of not charging you payment. After All they need your card information of taking money and remember if its gone once it won’t return especially in online case.

As we discussed above your online safety is in your hands. A little knowledge and alertness can save you from some unwanted loss. So

play safe, Be happy!

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